What is SMP:

A lightly invasive process that uses tiny ink impressions placed on the scalp to create the look of a full, robust hairliScalp Micropigmentation aka “SMP” (aka Hair Tattoo/Scalp Tattoo) is currently the Ultimate, non-surgical solution for hair loss. We provide an instant, permanent, and life-changing treatment where thousands of organic pigments are precisely applied to the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. Whether you want to fill in a scar, a thinning area of your hair or have Alopecia, SMP will enhance your look tremendously. You will instantly look 10 years younger.

Who is a Good Candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation?

You may be a good candidate for SMP if you…

  • Are suffering from Alopecia
  • Suffering from thinning/blading
  • Want a Stronger Hairline
  • Have Noticeable Scars

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

In most cases, a Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment lasts for around three to six years. After this period, you may begin to notice slight fading of the pigments. When this occurs, you can undergo a “touch up” session in order to restore any fading.

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take?

Depending on the coverage needed, a single Scalp Micropigmentation session can take about 3-4 hours and most clients will require 3 to 4 sessions to complete their treatment.

Does scalp micropigmentation hurt?

Although most people do not find the treatment painful, you can expect mild discomfort during the procedure similar to light pricking. If we are to put it on a scale of 1-10, the level of discomfort would be 3 out of 10 at most.

What is the aftercare like?

  • Stay out of heavy sun exposure.
  • Avoid swimming or jogging in the rain for at least 3 weeks.
  • Excess sweating can damage results; hence you must avoid cardio exercise as well as any activities that might cause you to perspire.
  • Avoid shaving your head for at least 3 days following the treatment.
  • Avoid touching, itching, as well as picking your skin for the first few days in order to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Ensure you have proper sun protection whenever you are out in the sun, in order to preserve the pigmentation.
  • Avoid using cosmetics or any other products, which contain a high value of alcohol in them.
  • Keep your scalp moisturized every day.

How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

The cost of SMP depends on various aspects such as the area of the treatment, the skin type, scarring, hair density and style, and can range anywhere from $400 – $1000 for each session.